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This immigration regimen in Costa Rica applies to those who proves that during a period no less than 2 years will receive a permanent monthly income of more than US$2,500.  It is also accepted a deposit of US$60,000 in an approved bank in Costa Rica.

To apply for this residency it is important that applicants have a valid tourist visa. It will be inadmissible petitions made with an expired visa.

To apply for this type of residency in Costa Rica it is necessary to submit the following documentation:

  • Application: This application is made by our staff and contains the requirements of law. It must be signed by the applicant and certified by a Costa Rican lawyer. Besides, in this application it is issued a special Power of Attorney (POA) to one of our attorneys, so that s/he can handle the whole process without the direct presence of the applicant. Finally, in this initial written application for residency it must be stated a Fax number in order to receive notifications, service which is provided by our office.
  • Filiation Form. Our lawyers and personnel will guide you to fill out this document so that it fulfills the immigration requirements.
  • Certification or letter that proves the permanent income, this certificate must be issued by the institution that makes the payment of the annuity. If the document is issued outside Costa Rica, it must be properly Apostilled or legalized by corresponding country authorities or the nearest Costa Rican consulate in that country. In the case of notary legalization, this document must be legalized by the Foreign Affairs Ministry. Apostilles do not require Foreign Affairs Ministry's Legalization. COST OF THE LEGALIZATION IN THE FOREIGN AFFAIRS MINISTRY: USD$42 in stamps. If the letter is created in one of the Banks in Costa Rica, our attorneys and personnel will help you in the proper creation of the letter.
  • Birth certificate of the foreign person: This certificate must be issued by the country of origin stating the names of parents, place and date of birth. This document should be duly apostilled or legalized by corresponding country authorities and the nearest Costa Rican consulate in that country. Once in Costa Rica, this document must be legalized by the Foreign Affairs Ministry. This requirement may be waived if there is sufficient reason of impossibility of presentation. This impossibility must be proved.  COST OF THE LEGALIZATION IN THE FOREIGN AFFAIRS MINISTRY: USD$42 in stamps.
  • Certification of criminal records: in which no conviction is recorded in issued by the country of origin or the country in which the applicant has resided for the past three years, duly apostilled or legalized by local authorities and the nearest Costa Rican consulate. COST OF THE LEGALIZATION IN THE FOREIGN AFFAIRS MINISTRY: USD$42 in stamps.
  • Fingerprinting:  personally processed in Costa Rica before the Costa Rican police record.
  • 4 passport-sized photographs.
  • A certified copy of all pages of the passport, the page containing the last entry must be photocopied in full color to demonstrate it is up-to-date. This certification is done by our lawyers.
  • Consular Registration Receipt: which should be conducted before the consular representation of the country of origin in Costa Rica, this document has a different cost in each consulate, consult our professional the schedules, requirements and cost of each of them.
  • Proof of banking payment to the Immigration Department for US$50, this deposit can be made by the client to the bank account 242480-0 of the Banco de Costa Rica; our staff can make the deposit in the name of the client. It is very important that the receipt issued by the Bank clearly states the name of the applicant.
  • If the residence is processed in Costa Rica it must be paid in the same bank account the sum of USD$200 by concept of change of the immigration status.
  • Translation of all documents that come in a language other than Spanish, if the foreign language is English our staff makes the translation without charge. Documents in other languages must pay an additional fee for the translator.


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Change of Immigration Category or Immigration Status
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Temporary Residency as Annuitant
Based upon proving a monthly income of at least US$2500 for a period of 2 years. The applicant must have a current visa. More...
Student's Permit
In order to study in Costa Rica it is required to obtain a special residency permit for students and to be studying in an academic institution recognized by the Education Ministry. More...
Companies Recognition
Companies working under a special export regimen, tourism companies, financial institutions, multinationals. More...
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